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  • The Arminian    Connection - A source for finding Biblical Christian teachings. 

  • Arminian    Doctrine - What is it? - A pastor answers this basic question in a    concise fashion. 

  • Arminian Theory of    Redemption - Article by R. L. Dabney 

  • Arminianism -    Claims that most churches now accept the Arminian doctrine but many    Calvinists still consider it heretical. Another description of the term. 

  • Arminianism in    Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia resource provides good description of    Arminianism. 

  • Arminianism    vs. Calvinism - Arminianism and Calvinism compared as well as biblical    support for the viewpoints of each. 

  • The Basics    of Arminian Theology - A short history of how Arminianism began and a    look at the very basic ideas behind it. 

  • The    Biblical Theology Discussion Forum - A unique forum with a distinct    arminian flavor. 

  • -    Biblical theology articles in the Arminian tradition. 

  • A Call to Reform -    Wesleyan-Arminian critique of the five points of Calvinist theology. 

  • Calvinism    Arminianism Bible Study - Compares and contrasts Arminianism with    Calvinism, from an Arminian point of view. 

  • Christus Victor Ministries -    Features the teachings of Dr. Greg Boyd. Open theism. 

  • Creed of the Wesleyan Church    - Beliefs of this Arminian denomination are outlined with Scriptures    provided. 

  • Don't Hate Me    Because I'm Arminian - An appeal printed in Christianity Today magazine    by a modern evangelical theologian. 

  • Eternal Security: A Biblical    Perspective - Examines the biblical, theological, and historical basis    for the doctrine of eternal security. Extensive articles, links to other    pages, and forums. 

  • Evangelical Outreach -    Ministering from a holiness perspective. Teaching resources. 

  • GodRules.NET - Bible and    theology tools. Easy-to-use study materials. Good links page. 

  • Nazarene Resources - Nazarene    university site provides links to churches and other resources in this    Wesleyan/Arminian denomination. 

  • The    Remonstrant Brotherhood - A community of faith which, rooted in the    gospel of Jesus Christ and true to its priciple of freedom and tolerance,    seeks to worship and serve God. Began in 1619. 

  • "What Is    an Arminian?" Answered by John Wesley - Leading theologian explains    what the term means.