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  • Because ... - Provides    perspective and scriptural references for the role of the Father, the Son    and the Holy Spirit. 

  • A Brief    Introduction to Trinitarian Faith - Explores the nature of the Trinity,    and puts forth Thomistic arguments that the doctrine of One God in three    persons is not polytheistic. 

  • Discovering the Spirit    In the Trinity - Discusses how the early Church grew into a conviction    about the Holy Spirit as God. 

  • - Essays and    links on the doctrine of the Trinity. 

  • Jesus Religion - A critical    examination of the traditional church and Christian doctrine. 

  • On the    Incarnation - Writings by Athanasius, the 4th century A.D. bishop of    Alexandria, defending the Christology of the Council of Nicaea. 

  • On the    Trinity - Augustine's writings on the Trinity. 

  • A Quaker    Understanding of Jesus Christ - An exploration of the Friends (Quaker)    understanding of Jesus Christ by Arthur O. Roberts, Professor-at-large,    George Fox University, Newberg, Oregon, USA. This is part 1 in a series of    4. 

  • A Study of The    Trinity - Courtesy of the 

  • The Trinity -    Presents the doctrine of the Trinity from a Christian Neoplatonic    perspective. 

  • The Trinity    - A Short Exposition - Dr. Francis J. Beckwith of the University of    Nevada expounds on the doctrine of one God in three persons. 

  • Trinity-God in 3    Persons - An explanation of the Trinity with quotes from the early    Church fathers. 

  • Triune God - Presents the writings    of Witness Lee and Watchman Nee on the Trinity.