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  • Biblical Universalism -    Articles, books and FAQ on Biblical Universalism. 

  • Catholic    Encyclopedia: Apocatastasis - Discusses the universalist theology of    Origen and Gregory of Nyssa. 

  • Christian    Universalism Articles - Essays by various writers on the doctrine of    universalism. 

  • Christian    Universalist WebRing - Bravenet webring for universalist sites. 

  • Christianworld Church    - Presents a series of related articles claiming universal reconciliation.    Denies the divinity of Jesus. 

  • Concordant    Expositions - A universalist/dispensationalist exposition of Scripture    by the Concordant Publishing Concern. Denies the divinity of Jesus. 

  • Craig-Bradley    Debate: Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? - A debate between    theologian William Lane Craig and philosopher Ray Bradley over the merits of    the doctrine of universalism. 

  • The Eternal Fate of    Unbelievers - Compares the orthodox Christian teachings on hell with    universalism and several other positions, and examines these claims in the    light of Scripture. 

  • Freethinking Faith    - An exploration of Christian issues that deals with various theological    topics within the Christian tradition, including universal redemption. 

  • Glad Tidings Chapel - Articles    and forum concerning the doctrine of Ultimate Reconciliation, otherwise    known as Universal Salvation, Universalism, and Inclusionism. 

  • God's Truth For Today -    Features a library of articles by different authors on a variety of topics,    from a universalist/dispensationalist perspective. Denies the divinity of    Jesus. 

  • Gospelogic.com - Articles and    audio messages in favor of universalism. Charges an access fee for part of    the site. 

  • The Hell Page - A Gary    Amirault website. As with many universalist sites, takes an    "in-your-face" approach to traditional Christian teachings on    hell. 

  • Hesed Unlimited -    Presents the "Great Circle of Creation" in which it is claimed    that those who fall away from God return to God. 

  • In Word Journey - Insights    Into Human Existence - One universalist's thoughts on God, hell,    freedom, and Christianity. 

  • The Mystery    of Christ - Short articles claiming universal salvation. 

  • The New Creation - Presents a    series of essays from a universalist perspective. Posits the view that the    soul is not immortal. 

  • Paul Tournier's    Universalism - A masters thesis on the universalism of Paul Tournier.    The thesis is written from a traditional Christian point of view, but    clearly explains the doctrine of universalism. 

  • Positive Christianity    E-zine - Contains what the author claims to be "positive,    life-affirming, nonjudgmental, practical and truth-centered messages". 

  • Savior of All Fellowship -    Presents essays and commentaries arguing that it is God's purpose to save    all mankind through the death and resurrection of Christ. 

  • Scripture    Alone Bible Page - Criticizes both the Calvinists and Arminians, and    argues that God in His sovereignty, has chosen the salvation of all people. 

  • Tentmaker - Provides information    on many topics related to Christian universalism; including Bible    translations, Greek/Hebrew words studies, Church history and law and grace. 

  • Universalism and the    Bible - Keith DeRose, Yale University Associate Prof. of Philosophy,    provides arguments for the doctrine of universalism. 

  • Universalism    on the Pacific Coast - Histories of individual Universalist churches on    the Pacific Coast of the United States, and other articles on Universalism. 

  • Universalist Christians    Association Inc. - A pandenominational association to provide fellowship    and support to Christian universalists of all denominations. 

  • Wider Universalist    Fellowship - Statements of faith and doctrine of the Christian    Universalism.