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  • Association of Theological Schools - An    accrediting agency for schools offering post-baccalaureate degree programs    designed to prepare persons for a wide variety of positions of ministerial    leadership and teaching and research in the theological disciplines. 

  • Boston Theological Institute    - Curriculum, program and events of the Institute and associated theological    schools and seminaries. 

  • Flinders University School    of Theology - Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in biblical    studies, systematic and historical theology, and pastoral studies in    association with the Adelaide College of Divinity (ACD), an ecumenical    consortium of theological colleges. 

  • Fund for Theological Education -    Providing gifted women and men with nearly 5000 fellowships and generating    innovative new programs for theological and ministerial support. 

  • The Harvard Divinity School -    Its purpose is to educate women and men for service as leaders in religious    life and thought--as ministers and teachers, and in other professions    enriched by theological study. The setting is an academic community    characterized by continuing commitment to serious and impartial    investigation of truth. 

  • Institute for the Study of American    Evangelicals - Conferences, books and a newsletter on the study of    American evangelicalism. 

  • The KMI Institute of Theology and Cultures    - The KMI Institute of Theology and Cultures offers full-time and part-time    courses relating to culture and theology, and explores questions of    inner-faith dialogue, contemporary issues with evangelisation. 

  • SA Theological Conference    - Details on a conference for Christian Higher Education practioners and    theological students in South Africa. 

  • Theology Schools in the    United States of America - Index to universities which offer theology as    a program. 

  • University of Aberdeen, UK:    School of Divinity and Religious Studies - Information about    undergraduate and post-graduate study, with a guide to the school and its    staff. 

  • University of Cambridge, UK:    Faculty of Divinity - Site contains history of the faculty, details of    the courses, and information about the Centre for Advanced Religious and    Theological Studies. 

  • University of    Sheffield, UK: Department of Biblical Studies - The leading centre for    biblical research in the UK. Site includes a prospectus, and information    about the staff, research and taught courses. 

  • Wabash Center for Teaching    and Learning in Theology and Religion - Seeks to strengthen and enhance    education in North American theological schools, colleges and universities.    Site features journal, forum and calendar of events. 

  • William Carey School of Theology    - International theological school based in Canada and administered by the    Conservative Bible Believers Ministers' Fellowship. 

  • Yale Divinity School -    Fostering the knowledge and love of God through critical engagement with the    traditions of the Christian churches in the context of the contemporary    world.