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  • American Monastic    Newsletter - Complete text of all articles since 1996. 

  • The Asbury    Theological Journal - Provides a scholarly forum for thorough discussion    of issues relevant to Christian thought and faith. Subscription information    and a sample article only. 

  • The Burning Bush -    The theological journal of the Far Eastern Bible College. Full text of all    articles since 1995 in Adobe Acrobat format. 

  • Christian    Research Institute Journal - Full text of nearly 200 articles,    independently hosted. 

  • Christian Scholar's Review    - A journal which studies the integration of Christian faith and learning on    both the intra- and inter- disciplinary levels. Subscription information and    selected articles available online. 

  • Conservative Theological    Society - Conservative Theological Society (CTS), Conservative    Theological Journal, & CTS Newsletter. CTS publishes articles and holds    conferences with conservative, premillennial, dispensational theology from a    literal, historical, grammatical hermeneutic. 

  • Ex Auditu - the    annual journal of the North Park Symposium on the Theological Interpretation    of Scripture, providing a forum for doing interdisciplinary theology from a    biblical perspective for the benefit of the Church. 

  • Interface - A    summary of back issues of the Journal of the Australian Theological Forum.    Links to speeches at launch events, and how to subscribe. 

  • International    Journal of Systematic Theology - Devoted to publishing the best new work    in the discipline, and to reviewing major new works of scholarship.    Abstracts of articles are available, but full text only for subscribers.    Individual articles may also be purchased. 

  • Interpretation: A    Journal of Bible and Theology - presenting authoritative and fresh    thinking on scholarly themes, as well as contemporary concerns of the church    and ministry. Index of articles over last 50 years, back issues may be    ordered, but aren't available online. 

  • Journal of Religious    and Theological Information - presents articles about the production,    dissemination, preservation and bibliography of religious and theological    information. Abstracts available 1993-1996. 

  • The Journal of Theological    Studies - Founded in 1899, The Journal of Theological Studies crosses    the entire range of theological research, scholarship and interpretation.    Ancient and modern texts, inscriptions, and documents that have not before    appeared in type are also reproduced. Abstracts of all articles sincs 1996. 

  • The Princeton    Seminary Bulletin - Publishes faculty and administration articles and    sermons. 

  • Quodlibet - a publication of the    Society of Online Christian Theology and Philosophy (SOCTP). Full text of    articles since 1999 are available, plus a comprehensive index. 

  • Review & Expositor Home    Page - A quarterly Baptist theological journal dedicated to free and    open inquiry of issues related to the Church's mission in the contemporary    world. An index of recent articles is available. 

  • Stone-Campbell Journal    - providing a scholarly platform for biblical interpretation, history,    theology, philosophy, apologetics, and cultural criticism. Index of all    articles, some available as full text. 

  • Truth Journal - An    inter-disciplinary, non-specialized journal for the academic community with    a distinctively Christian perspective, which seeks to provide a critical    analysis of crucial contemporary intellectual issues. 

  • Vital Theology - An    independent, ecumenical newsletter on current topics in theology. Site    features sample issue (PDF format), subscription form and publisher's bio.