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  • American Journal of Biblical    Theology - A monthly journal, with a sample of online articles. 

  • Bible Review -    A publication of the Biblical Archaeology Society looking at the    personalities, stories and text of the Old and New Testament. Some sample    articles available. 

  • The Bible Translator    (Issues 1-17) - Copies (in JPG format) of The Bible Translator,    1950-1966. For username and password, enter "any" and    "any". 

  • The Bible Translator    (Issues 18-34) - Copies (in JPG format) of The Bible Translator,    1967-1983. For username and password, enter "any" and    "any". 

  • The Bible Translator    (Issues 35-51) - Copies (in JPG format) of The Bible Translator,    1984-2000. For username and password, enter "any" and    "any". 

  • Biblical    Interpretation: A Journal of Contemporary Approaches - Contains articles    on various aspects of current biblical criticism. One sample issue available    free, other issues provide abstracts only. 

  • Biblical Theology Bulletin -    Full index of all articles since 1995. 

  • Currents    in Research: Biblical Studies - Designed to keep scholars up to date    with recent research. A partial index is available, together with abstracts    of the most recent issue. 

  • Journal    for the study of the Pseudepigrapha - From the same stable as JSNT and    JSOT. Abstracts for the most recent editions are available. 

  • Journal of Biblical Studies    - An electronic journal dedicated to the field of Biblical Studies in    general. Full articles available online. 

  • Journal of Higher    Criticism - Dedicated to the advancement of bold historical criticism in    the investigation of the New Testament and Early Christianity. Full index    with some sample articles. 

  • Journal    of the Aramaic Bible - For all those engaged in research into the    Aramaic versions of the Hebrew Bible, the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha and    the New Testament. Abstracts are available for all issues. 

  • Review of Biblical Literature -    Massive online database of book reviews from the Society of Biblical    Literature. 

  • Scripture - a journal    dedicated to the study and exposition of the Bible as the Word of God.    Available free of charge, both online and in print.

  • Journal for the Study of the New    Testament - Scholarly journal covering a range of critical    methodologies. Offers subscriptions available online; includes abstracts of    articles since 1996. 

  • New    Testament Studies - An international periodical published under the    auspices of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas. Subscription    information, plus individual articles can be purchased to view online. 

  • New    Testament Studies - Print and electronic journal of the Studiorum Novi    Testamenti Societas focusing on the origins, history, and theology of the    New Testament. Free full-text abstracts and contents; author instructions. 

  • Novum    Testamentum - a leading international journal devoted to the study of    the New Testament and related subjects. It covers textual and literary    criticism, critical interpretation, theology and the historical and literary    background of the New Testament, as well as early Christian and related    Jewish literature. A sample issue is provided, together with abstracts for    the most recent issues.

  • Bulletin for Old Testament    Studies in Africa (BOTSA) - A forum for exchange of ideas and    information about Old Testament studies in Africa. Online archive 1996-2006. 

  • Journal    for the Study of the Old Testament - Offering the best of current    scholarship on the Old Testament across a range of critical methodologies.    Abstracts available for issues since 1996. 

  • Journal for the Study of the Old    Testament (JSOT) - Features current scholarship on the Old Testament    across a range of critical methodologies. Article index with abstracts    online, download full articles by paid subscription. 

  • Vetus    Testamentum - A Quarterly Published by the International Organization    for the Study of the Old Testament covering all aspects of Old Testament    study. It includes articles on history, literature, religion and theology,    text, versions, language, and the bearing on the Old Testament of    archaeology and the study of the Ancient Near East. A sample issue is    provided free, as are abstracts of all recent articles. Online subscription    is also available. 

  • Zeitschrift für    die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft (ZAW) - A German journal with some    articles in English. Recent articles are indexed, very recent ones available    in full to subscribers only (Adobe Acrobat format). Site is in both German    and English.