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  • Acts 28:28    Message Board - This message board is for the purpose of edifying the    Body of Christ, discussing topics about the Bible, and sharing Bible studies    from the Acts 28:28 viewpoint. 

  • Charles Welch - Beginning with    a short biography, this site also contains many audios and writings from the    Dispensational perspective of Charles Welch. 

  • Grace Bible Study -    Our True Hope, the Earth! - Michael Holt, who teaches live via the    internet on paltalk, holds the unique view among Acts 28 Dispensationalists    that our hope lies in the earth, not in the heavens. 

  • Grace Panorama -    Possibly the only Scandinavian (Norway) Acts 28:28 site in two languages    (English and Norwegian), Jan Lilleby exposes heresies like Word-Faith, and    has links to Charles Welch material. 

  • Heaven Dwellers - Articles,    books, tracts, charts, forum and newsletter on Dispensationalism. 

  • The Mystery    - God's present purpose as found in this dispensation, The Mystery, is as    unreasonable to modern day ''Rabbis'' as was the first and second coming of    Christ to their ancient counterparts. 

  • The Opened    Book - Dispensational study materials from an Acts 28 perspective,    offered by The Berean Forward Movement, sponsors of the Berean Publishing    Trust and the Berean Tape Recording Service. 

  • Right Division - Although    "Early-Acts" Dispensationalists refer to those who believe the    church began late in the book of Acts or afterwards as    Ultra-Dispensationalists, the message is the main factor. 

  • Rightdivision.com    - Explaining Dispensationalism from an Acts 28 perspective. 

  • Rightly Dividing the    Word - This present dispensation of grace began with a gradual    withdrawal of Israel's special privileges, as God gradually turned His    national mercy to the Gentiles. 

  • Spiritual    Blessings Web Site - The Berean Bible Fellowship of Australia presents    Christian Bible study from an Acts 28 perspective, upholding the principle    of right division. 

  • Studies in    Scripture - The Bible Rightly Divided based on an Acts 28 perspective.    In-depth discussions and studies, teaching the method of Dispensational    Truth. 

  • Thoughts on the    Mid-Acts Position - Without a proper understanding of when this present    dispensation began, one cannot know which epistles were written for this    dispensation, and which were written for past dispensations. 

  • Travel Thru The Word    - With Bible studies in MP3 format and written studies from an Acts 28    viewpoint, Shawn McKinley also provides information concerning his weekly    studies on Paltalk. 

  • What is    Right Division? (2 Tim. 2:15) - The church of the dispensation of the    mystery could not have existed prior to Acts 28:28. 

  • The Word of Truth Ministry - Seed    and Bread - Various Bible studies from an Acts 28 perspective by the    late Otis Q. Sellers, who believed that E.W. Bullinger did not go quite far    enough in his Dispensational approach. 

  • The Word Understood -    Featuring both audio and written studies, The Word Understood practices    right division according to dispensational methods of bible study, using the    literal interpretive method.