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  • Answers.com:    Hyperdispensationalism - Among the two main groups of    Hyper-dispensationalists, most mid-Acts Dispensationalists do not consider    themselves to be "Hypers"; although they apply this term to their    Acts 28 brethren. 

  • Apologetics    For Christians Ministry - Examining Hyper Dispensationalism - Ministry    provides Biblical responses to Mid Acts Dispensationalists and other groups    on the issues of Salvation and the Bible. 

  • Are    We Hyper-Dispensationalists? - Many opponents of mid-Acts    Dispensationalism simply dismiss it as "Hyper-Dispensationalism",    as Dr. Ironside did in his booklet, rather than analyzing its teachings    based on Scripture. 

  • Are We    Ultra-Dispensationalists? - In this response to a Critique by Dr.    Charles Ryrie, who believed the church began on Pentecost, Paul Sadler    explains why mid-Acts Dispensationalists believe it began with Paul. 

  • Baker's    Dozen - A Review of Chapter 65 of Charles Baker's Dispensational    Theology, concerning its twelve allegations that the Church of Paulís    epistles is different from the Church that existed at Pentecost 

  • Beware of    Hyper-Dispensationalism - There are several varieties of    hyper-dispensationalism, and this article explains many of the different    characteristics. 

  • Dispensational    Truth and Error - Lee Spencer explains why believers in other    dispensations were never saved by works (as some, but not all,    Hyper-dispensationalists teach), because man - not God - sees faith by    works. 

  • Dispensationalism,    from Scripture Knowledge Institute - This overview of Dispensationalism    examines why Hyper-dispensationalists - also called "Dry Cleaners"    - do not practice water baptism, and why Traditional Dispensationalists    believe all Christians should still be baptized. 

  • Dispensationalism vs.    Ultra-Dispensationalism - Ultra-Dispensationalism defined, plus the    history of Dispensationalism from the times of Justin Martyr (110-165),    Irenaeus (130-200), and Clement of Alexandria (150-220). 

  • Hyper-Dispensationalism    - Although Dr. Peter Ruckman agrees that Hyper-Dispensationalists are Bible    Believing Christians, he explains why he still considers    Hyper-Dispensationalism itself to be unscriptural. 

  • Just One Gospel - A Look at    Ultradispensationalism - Don Krow, a former ultra-dispensationalist,    analyzes the dispensational distinctives between Israel and the church, and    explains why he now rejects ultra-dispensationalism. 

  • Midweek    Rapture Message Board: Hyperdispensationalists - Interesting debate    between a Traditional Dispensationalist and a mid-Acts    Hyper-Dispensationalist, who both hold the King James Bible as their final    authority. 

  • New Testament Survey:    When Did the Church Begin? - This study gives several reasons as to why    Traditional Dispensationalists reject both the Mid-Acts and Acts 28    Hyper-Dispensational viewpoints. [PDF] 

  • Ultradispensationalism    - Ultradispensationalists can be divided into two distinct groups; and to    Traditional Dispensationalists, the views of both groups are considered    extreme, but not unscriptural. 

  • Ultradispensationalism    - a Personal Testimony - In addition to Doctrinal    Ultradispensationalism, there is also Practical Ultradispensationalism,    which even Traditional Dispensationalists may be guilty of. 

  • Ultra-Dispensationalism:    Wrongly Dividing the Word - Harry Ironside examines    Ultra-Dispensationalism, also known as Hyper-Dispensationalism, in the light    of Holy Scripture. 

  • Water Baptism and    the Forgiveness of Sins in Acts 2:38 - This paper examines 5    interpretations of Acts 2:38, including the ultra-dispensational conclusion    that believing Jews of that dispensation had to repent and be baptized in    order to be saved. [PDF]