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  • - Concise    definitions of theological terms and positions, customizable charts    comparing viewpoints, and in-depth articles. 

  • The Biblical Theology    Briefings - Thinking out loud about the Bible. The Biblical Theology    Briefings are a resource for preachers and students of the Bible aid them in    hearing the voice of God. 

  • The Biblicist - Articles,    reference materials, book recommendations, commentaries, and email answers    to questions. 

  • Center for Catholic and Evangelical    Theology - The CCET is an organization led by Carl E. Braaten and Robert    W. Jenson that seeks to focus on Jesus Christ and build Christian unity    through its own journal, books, and conferences. 

  • Christian Theological Research    Fellowship - The CTRF is a Christian research organization in systematic    and moral theology, and related disciplines. The site contains the Journal    for Christian Theological Research - a peer-reviewed scholarly e-journal of    Systematic Theology Group of the American Academy of Religion. 

  • Coalition on Revival    - The Coalition on Revival is a network of evangelical leaders from many    major denominational and theological perspectives who share a vision for and    commitment to revival, renewal, and reformation of the Church and society.    Presents a series of well-researched theological papers. 

  • Creeds of Christendom - Creeds and    Confessions of various Christian denominations. 

  • Creeds of the    Churches - John H. Leith, Editor. A reader in Christian doctrine from    the Bible to the present. Viewing full text requires subscription. 

  • Dignoscentia    - Contains articles, recommended books, posters, Bible search tools, and a    forum. 
  • Fundamental Baptist Institute -    Presents a wide variety of topical Christian articles by numerous authors. 

  • Grace Online Library -    Authors and resources from the historic Reformed, Calvinistic and Puritan    persuasion. 

  • Philosophy and Religion    - Edited by Dr. R. T. Nolan, site includes issues in philosophy, theology,    biblical thought, and ethics, and papers by Cherbonnier and Kirkpatrick. 

  • Protestantism -    Discussion on Protestant beliefs and doctrines from the Catholic    Encyclopedia. 

  • Reformation Ministries International    - Downloadable PDF books by Vincent Cheung on theology, apologetics,    philosophy, and spirituality. 

  • Religion Online - More than    1,100 articles on the Old and New Testament, theology, ethics, pastoral    care, counseling, homiletics, worship, missions, religious education. 

  • Systematic Theology    - Presents a number of articles on a wide array of topics from various    conservative/evangelical authors. 

  • Theology Website - Offers    extensive resources on liberal theological studies. Discussion forums,    online quizzes, religions portal, online journal, user polls, church history    study guides. 

  • - Theology    discussion forums, articles and news. 

  • The Trinity Foundation -    Articles, books, tapes and resources on Reformed Christianity.